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Ora Cacao

Ora Cacao - Boundless Belize 100% Organic Ceremonial Cacao - 1 lb

Ora Cacao - Boundless Belize 100% Organic Ceremonial Cacao - 1 lb

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Do you struggle with anxiety and still use caffeine, a nervous system stimulant? HOLY CACAO! Drink cacao instead. Every cup of Ora Cacao contains a gentle cardiovascular stimulant, all nine essential amino acids, essential minerals, antioxidants and neurochemicals to increase mood. Makes a great coffee replacement!

Dive deep into personal inquiry with this magical drinking chocolate grown amidst rainforests that cover ancient Mayan pyramids. Peel back the layers of your boundless self with meditation, ritual and self inquiry as you drink this pure ceremonial cacao coming straight from three hundred indigenous Q'eqchi' and Mopan Maya families in southern Belize. This ceremonial cacao comes from 300 small (1-5 acre) organic family farms in the foothills of southern Belize. 75% of our farming families are indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya, and they grow their pure raw cacao with deep respect and understanding of the local ecology. We've invested in a permaculture demonstration farm here to pioneer innovative agroforestry techniques, advance cacao cultivation in the region, and propagate heirloom seedlings. This cacao has an heirloom designation by the Heirloom Cacao Project , and is produced by Maya Mountain Cacao.

Click here for a cacao recipe to replace caffeine and start your day off right.

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