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Keith's Cacao Paste (1 lb)

Keith's Cacao Paste (1 lb)

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Do you struggle with anxiety and still use caffeine, a nervous system stimulant? HOLY CACAO! Drink Keith's Cacao instead. Every cup of Keith's Cacao contains a gentle cardiovascular stimulant, all nine essential amino acids, essential minerals, antioxidants and neurochemicals to increase mood.

Click here for a cacao recipe to replace caffeine and start your day off right. At 10 grams per serving, Keith's Cacao is an economical coffee replacement costing little more than $1 per serving — even less if you take advantage of our discounts.

Your order confirmation will include a coupon code and additional information on how to receive discounts on future purchases of Keith's Cacao.

Please review the nutrition details as well as important Cacao and Health information before purchase. For a deep dive into ceremonial cacao, read this article. has a certified Keith's Cacao Practitioner on staff to answer any questions you may have. Use this contact form to get in touch.

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